Moffett Training

Moffett Training / Lorry Mounted Lift Truck Training

Moffett is the world’s number one selling Truck-mounted Forklift Company.  For the past 15 years Cheshire Training Solutions have been their preferred training partner in the UK.  This makes us the ideal choice when it comes to Moffett training.

We deliver all types of fork lift training courses to various customers and as a result we pride ourselves on the knowledge and understanding of how the Moffett operates within a diverse range of industries.

MOFFETT invented the concept of Truck-mounted Forklifts more than 40 years ago; a load handling solution that has revolutionised the way materials are distributed across the globe.

Today, MOFFETT is the world’s number one selling Truck-mounted Forklift Company.  It has a reputation for creating solutions to logistic challenges across a diverse range of industries.  The MOFFETT truck mounted forklift allows operator’s to deliver what they want, where they want, when they want.

The MOFFETT range of truck mounted forklift is sold worldwide, supplying customers on five continents from its production plant in Ireland with a variety of machines each suitable to meet the daily challenges no matter what conditions it faces. With a MOFFETT Truck-mounted Forklift, confidence will be delivered daily to your customers.

The MOFFETT can be carried on the rear of virtually any truck or trailer combination without loss of valuable load space, ready to be mounted/dismounted in less than one minute. Such flexibility and control ensures that the operator’s can provide optimum utilization to any transport fleet.

Moffett Training